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Optimize database query and index performance

Experienced DBAs know a prevalent source of database performance issues is poorly written queries and inefficient indexes. For DBAs in need of quick and efficient tuning, an automated database optimization tool can be a game changer.

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) offers response time monitoring for rapid analysis of SQL statements to help you identify the root cause of performance problems and provide reliable tuning advice for your SQL database.

Fix queries running in production by using database optimization tools

In traditional database analysis, application performance is often put off until the deployment phase, which can be too late. Fast access to query performance on production servers incorporates application performance in the development cycles, so you can more easily optimize database performance.

Database Performance Analyzer is built to monitor development, test, and production servers with less than a 1% load. With the DPA dashboard, DBAs can more easily visualize the production database to understand how code is performing.

Improve resource provisioning for database performance optimization

With performance optimization database tools, you can better avoid extraneous hardware costs. Database Performance Analyzer can help align resource provisioning with performance, giving users the database optimization techniques to help avoid unnecessary hardware recommendations.

DPA is also built to collate SQL statement data around the clock and can help rank priorities based on response time. It also offers guidance on ways to improve database performance — which often doesn’t involve purchasing new hardware.

Automate database monitoring with DPA REST API

Database Performance Analyzer is designed to use DPA REST API to automate database optimization through each step of your monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolution process. DPA REST API can offer real-time analysis of your holistic database structure based on an analysis of wait times. Because it uses agentless architecture, DPA REST API doesn’t require additional agent installations for individual nodes. DPA REST API can allow for licenses and registration on SQL Server, MySQL, Azure SQL, and more.

Find SQL queries

Speed up troubleshooting efforts or accelerate mean time to innocence by narrowing down query performance analysis. DPA allows you to search for specific SQL queries using the application name, user, and host as well as portions of SQL statements such as table or column names. You can then troubleshoot the root cause by viewing wait time details, executions, and other key performance metrics. Having this information available allows you to narrow your focus to diagnose performance problems associated with a particular time frame, user, or application, resulting in faster resolution.

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Leverage in-depth analytics for intuitive database optimization

Database Performance Analyzer

  • Monitor query wait times for SQL-specific database efficiency troubleshooting.
  • Receive real-time alerts on unusual wait times and expensive queries for rapid response.
  • Visualize your holistic database metrics, including dependencies and geographic configuration.
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