Database Performance Tuning to Improve DBMS Performance

Gain the database tuning tools you need to ensure performance

Use response time analysis to make database tuning more precise

Response time analysis is a pragmatic approach to tuning and optimizing database performance, allowing users to more easily identify issues and deliver measurable results. With response time analysis, you can optimize database tuning in your DBMS by identifying bottlenecks, pinpointing root causes, and prioritizing actions based on the impact poor database performance has on end users.

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is built to collate SQL statement data every second and can help you identify which SQL queries to focus on.

Isolate and remediate poor performing SQL statements with database tuning in SQL Server

SolarWinds DPA includes tools and features specially designed to handle database tuning in SQL Server and offer insights into critical metrics.

Intuitive graphs in DPA are built to display poor performing SQL statements, application wait times, and specific wait types/events that could be causing bottlenecks. You can also click on sections of the graph to drill down on specific issues to troubleshoot quickly.

Take database tuning to the next level with table tuning advisors

DPA’s table tuning advisor is designed to make it easier to jump into complex database tuning by collating historical data and presenting the information in bar graphs. 

The tuning advisors in DPA can help point DBAs toward problems in need of immediate focus by providing clear, actionable advice. You can also leverage DPA’s alarms to drill down into detailed data surrounding an issue in real time.

Follow database performance tuning steps to beat roadblocks

The first step in database performance tuning is locating the problem. With SolarWinds DPA database anomaly detection feature powered by machine learning, you can analyze your instance wait behavior profile to more easily identify what needs fixing. You can then leverage the SQL tuning advisors to analyze existing SQL statements and gain recommendations on how to adjust queries.

By following the recommendations provided by DPA, you can better troubleshoot database performance tuning issues like bad SQL or poor connection management.

Find SQL queries

Speed up troubleshooting efforts or accelerate mean time to innocence by narrowing down query performance analysis. DPA allows you to search for specific SQL queries using the application name, user, and host as well as portions of SQL statements such as table or column names. You can then troubleshoot the root cause by viewing wait time details, executions, and other key performance metrics. Having this information available allows you to narrow your focus to diagnose performance problems associated with a particular time frame, user, or application, resulting in faster resolution.

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