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Quickly identify what’s causing query performance issues using a Db2 query monitor

Some of the most common questions a database administrator has to ask is, “Why is my query slow? Is it the database resources, a poorly written query, or index issues?” With so many factors at play, it can often be difficult to collect the information needed to address Db2 query issues quickly and easily.

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is designed to display intelligent query analysis, wait-time analytics, and resource metrics in one click to help you get a fuller picture for Db2 performance tuning. With Database Performance Analyzer, you can navigate through an intuitive dashboard to get the answers you’re looking for to more easily tune Db2 queries.

Identify and address root causes of database blocking

Db2 deadlocks can seriously interfere with database performance. Database blocking locks can often be difficult to diagnose, especially if you don’t have a full picture of your database performance. How can you more easily know what process is causing the blocking or where the locking is occurring?

The Db2 performance tuning tool in SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer can help you get to the bottom of database blocking faster by providing drill-down views of the root blocker and  waiters to help you keep your database tuning focused on improving the most critical queries. Db2 optimization tool insights can help you more quickly identify why performance is slow.

Resolve bottlenecks with current and historical analysis of Db2 performance metrics and queries

An important element of performance tuning Db2 queries is historical analysis. Understanding historical trends and referencing changes from the last day, week, or month can be important when it comes to resolving bottlenecks through Db2 performance tuning.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer Db2 query monitor can help you quickly discover the cause of past issues by allowing you to drill into specific timeframes. You can also compare and analyze historic Db2 performance tuning against baselines to identify anomalies and issues more easily. By keeping track of historical trends and current performance data, DPA can help you discover the cause of past issues and be more proactive when it comes to Db2 performance tuning.

Get alerted as soon as Db2 performance issues are detected

When it comes to improving Db2 query performance, knowing about database issues as soon as they occur can help you prevent further performance problems by acting fast. One of ways you can achieve this visibility is if you know about an issue as soon as your Db2 query monitor detects it. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer Db2 tools come with built-in intuitive, customizable alerting.

The Db2 tools in DPA are designed to proactively monitor your system health to help you identify trends before they turn into problems by correlating key statistics to create a better picture of the interactions between server health, query bottlenecks, and session statistics. When DPA detects an issue, the Db2 optimization tool is built to automatically send an alert following your preconfigured alerting guidelines to immediately inform the relevant stakeholders of the problem and provide the information they need to start tuning Db2 SQL performance faster.

Reduce your load using a Db2 optimization tool with agentless architecture

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer doesn’t need to install any agent or software on the server you’re monitoring, which places less than a 1% load on each monitored database instance. DPA server software is built to be installed on a separate system (Linux, UNIX, or Windows server) to create the agentless architecture for the database instances. The DPA server is built to collect performance metrics from database instances across the multi-vendor environment you want to monitor and stores this data into a repository database, which makes the data available through a web-based interface and can allow for more complete performance visibility and effective Db2 performance tuning.

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Engage in more effective Db2 performance tuning

Database Performance Analyzer for Db2

  • Focus on response time to identify bottlenecks and understand where the database spends time.
  • Identify query issues for targeted Db2 SQL performance tuning.
  • Monitor key metrics to identify issues before they impact end users.
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