Desktop and mobile access

Serv-U FTP server provides optimized performance accessible from PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc., with drag-and-drop support.

FTP server for everyone

Whether you need to transfer files or manage an FTP server, Serv-U® FTP server provides an optimized interface. The browser-based management console allows administrators to fully configure file transfers to their organization’s needs and manage user or group configurations. End users use the Serv-U client for uploading or downloading files from any device, including mobile.

Share large files from anywhere

With Serv-U FTP server, end users can easily view, upload, and download files using the intuitive web and mobile device interfaces. Whether they use a PC or iPad, iPhone, Android, etc., the Serv-U client offers a convenient way to store and share files of any size. The modern UI includes drag-and-drop functionality for uploading multiple files or downloading multiple files as a .ZIP file.

File transfers under constant control

Administrators can benefit from the straightforward yet powerful management console. Watch user activity in real time and drop specific sessions. Manage permissions and accessibility by granting access to users, groups, blocks of IPs, or entire domains. Add and configure users, groups, folders, protocols, or set up automated rules to make file management more secure. With the Serv-U management console, managing the FTP server couldn’t be easier.

Desktop and mobile access for uploading and downloading from any device

Serv-U File Transfer Protocol Server

  • Share files of any size from PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • User administration and control

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Supports unlimited concurrent sessions

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