Serv-U FTP Server optional Gateway

Serv-U Gateway is a secure addition deepening the protection for file transfer.

No Data Stored In DMZ

It’s a secure addition that helps you securely accept incoming connections in DMZ and deepens protection for file transfer on secure connections. Serv-U® Gateway helps ensure that no data is stored in the DMZ and that all incoming connections are safely accepted so that no sensitive data is exposed.

Gateway is very similar to reverse proxy server handling internet traffic safely on the hardened server that should not be direct to internal secure systems.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Do you need to improve compliance standards on your FTP Server? You can improve this by using Serv-U optional Gateway. Configuring Serv-U® Gateway is a simple process that you complete on the management console of Serv-U FTP Server. No local configuration is required at the location of the Gateway installation.

Optional Serv-U Gateway is a way to fulfill compliances. Helps meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR and other high-security compliance standards and data protection regulations.

Configuration and connection

Serv-U® Gateway supports transport through IPv4 and IPv6 networks and helps simplify configurations for complex Serv-U deployments.

Gateway Connection Channel is a connection when FTP Server tells Gateway to listen to specific client IP addresses and ports for connection. FTP client connects to Serv-U Gateway, it informs Serv-U about a new connection. Serv-U is in internal network and checks the client’s IP address and authenticates as required. Once the client is approved, Serv-U opens a new connection to Serv-U Gateway called “Gateway Data Channel.”

Safe Gateway Data Channel is created for this incoming client connection.

High availability

Serv-U® Gateway supports active-active N+1 horizontal scaling. If you need to increase the server capacity, Serv-U MFT Server might be the best option for you. Serv-U MFT Server can be deployed in a cluster and provides up to five Serv-U servers and three Serv-U Gateways supported in a single cluster. The result of this configuration is the support of thousands of concurrent sessions and linear increase in throughput capacity.

Take the most out of your infrastructure

The Serv-U FTP Server fully benefits of your infrastructure as there are no processor or core limits. Maximized performance is achieved through native 64-bit applications and virtualized nodes aren’t a problem as the Serv-U FTP Server fully supports this deployment (e.g., VMware® vMotion). Active Directory, any database of your choice or shared storage is supported. It is also fronted by network load balancer of any choice.

Serv-U® Gateway – secure addition for your file transfer

Serv-U Gateway

  • Similar to reverse proxy server, no data is stored in DMZ
  • Helps meet PCI DSS and other high-security compliance standards, supports transport through IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • Active-active N+1 horizontal scaling

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