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Improve database performance using detailed analytics—no hardware required

Quickly identify root cause of database performance issues with response time analysis

You can stop asking your boss for beefier servers/SSDs by improving overall database performance and reducing end-user wait time using SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA). Designed to save you time and effort by helping you ensure you’re not chasing down false positives, DPA offers an easier way to deep dive into response time analytics through its user-friendly interface.

Rather than watching server health and making guesses about performance impact, DPA helps you analyze the actual time taken to complete the desired operation. Using DPA response time metrics, you can also quickly determine root causes of database performance issues and detect underperforming SQL queries.

Align resource provisioning with database performance, so you can adjust resources when necessary

Understanding database performance metrics is important for improving wait times and server health. However, slow database performance may also indicate the need for additional hardware or virtual storage space, which is why it’s crucial to know exactly how much additional resource provisioning is necessary and allows you to be more prescriptive about hardware recommendations.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer offers a comprehensive database management software to help you identify how resource provisioning affects database performance. DPA also includes a SQL query analyzer you can use to identify how resource provisioning affects database response times. This feature also gives developers a unique perspective on the VMware infrastructure and its impact on database performance. By helping you more effectively tune top SQL performance hitters, SolarWinds DPA can also help delay the need to purchase or remove costly hardware adds.

Better understand historical trends and resource correlation for long-term database performance trends

Using SolarWinds DPA, you can more easily analyze historical database performance trends to help you prevent future slow queries and understand problem spots in your server.

To help improve the long-term health of your database, DPA offers a wide range of historical data highlighting the trends and anomalies that might be affecting your databases. For instance, better understanding historical data can help you more easily identify candidates for SQL tuning that may not be apparent in real-time alerts or help you determine if additional hardware is needed by allowing you to quickly analyze resource consumption issues impacting end-user performance.

Troubleshoot database anomalies with machine learning and multi-dimensional database analysis

To improve overall performance for your database, you need to understand the metrics for the database and its underlying infrastructure. SolarWinds DPA is built to offer a multi-dimensional analytics platform to help you better understand the performance of server resources like CPU and network performance alongside detailed database metrics across platforms.

DPA can also help lessen tribal knowledge dependency with its machine learning algorithm designed to improve predictive accuracy as more data is collected and help automate your ability to understand normal database behavior patterns.

Utilize detailed query and tuning advisors to detect database performance issues faster

DPA is built to provide a detailed summary of anomalies and troubleshooting suggestions with the ability to generate query advisors and table tuning advisors, so you gain insight into daily or hourly database performance.

Table tuning advisors can also offer helpful reports and solutions for a specific table that may be exhibiting significant inefficiencies. Query advisors can help identify which queries might be causing bottlenecks and provide options for how to correct them.

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Improve database performance and allocate resources more effectively

Database Performance Analyzer

  • Detailed analytics with historical trends and real-time reporting
  • Query and tuning advisors to help with resource allocation
  • Response time analysis for faster root cause diagnostics

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