Microsoft SQL Server monitoring tools for optimized performance

Have visibility and control over your MS SQL database environment

Monitor and optimize queries for your Microsoft SQL databases

Don’t let a bad query disrupt your database server. SolarWinds® SQL Sentry® is an MS SQL Server monitoring tool that helps uncover the root cause of slowdowns, allowing you to fine-tune poorly written queries or those with extensive response times.

With intelligent monitoring and optimization capabilities such as Top SQL and Deadlock Analysis, you can capture, analyze, and identify data to help you determine what’s causing query performance issues and deadlocks.

Use cloud-based Microsoft SQL monitoring

When you choose SQL Sentry for MS SQL Server monitoring, you can access the high-impact technology from SolarWinds through cloud services. Having this level of access gives your infrastructure greater flexibility and scalability, meaning it can grow with you as your needs change.

SQL Sentry helps you monitor your entire data platform stack to ensure your field of view encompasses every aspect of your database environment. This includes monitoring for Azure SQL Database, VMware, and more.

Identify costly issues with detailed performance monitoring

Want to quickly identify SQL Server performance issues and tune queries to function at their peak? You need a performance monitoring tool that can provide you with a holistic, detailed overview of your data estate.

SQL Sentry gives you insight into real-time and historical performance data, such as Windows OS network utilization, system memory, and more. All this information is displayed on a user-friendly dashboard with options for customizing to view the metrics you need.

Improve observability into your SQL Server health

Achieve better server health through better MS SQL Server performance monitoring. SQL Sentry features such as Environment Health Overview provide a health status based on metrics such as frequency and severity of events. Predictive analytics allow you to anticipate future needs and address potential conflicts before they become major issues. A comprehensive view of your database health will help you proactively troubleshoot issues while optimizing performance.

Review actionable metrics using an all-in-one unified dashboard

The dashboard of SQL Sentry makes it easy to deep dive into an array of database environment performance metrics. You can monitor current activity using a single dashboard display, compare it to historical data, locate blocked processes, and even check write latency.

With convenient access to detailed metrics, you can streamline your troubleshooting process and transform how you approach improving system performance.

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