MySQL Performance Tuning and Database Optimization Tool

MySQL performance tuning leverages analytics to boost efficiency

Get multidimensional database performance analysis

Tuning MySQL databases is the fastest way to accelerate application performance. Most MySQL monitoring tools look at resource utilization, but the best performance analysis tools focus on response time, correlating database activity, wait times, SQL statements, application requests, and more to help pinpoint the exact cause of slowdowns. 

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is designed to offer multidimensional database performance analysis to help simplify the task of deciphering thousands of contributing factors and draw the correlations for you.

Monitor query wait times to the second

Traditional database performance management tools provide clues about issues, but they might not help you find the root cause of a slowdown. DPA is a powerful monitoring tool designed to help you quickly discover the source of your application performance issues. 

Since response time is key to isolate root causes, DPA is built to collect SQL statement data every second and rank it based on response times to help you identify which SQL query to analyze and focus on improving.

Use actionable advice provided by MySQL tuning advisors

Database Performance Analyzer provides 24-hour monitoring, collating data points from five years to five seconds ago. It’s built to present the results in easy-to-understand bar charts with customizable alarms and alerts providing extensively detailed data surrounding an issue, allowing administrators to quickly determine the cause of issues and how to resolve them. DPA’s MySQL tuning advisors can also point to problems in need of immediate attention, and provide clear, actionable tuning advice.

Improve your database queries using MySQL tuning tools and scripts

Index tuning is a crucial part of MySQL tuning and optimization best practices. SolarWinds DPA is designed to automatically identify inefficient indexes (aggregated by tables) and point out ways to improve them. 

DPA’s intuitive graphs color-code your queries and let you dig into wait times, wait types, and blockers. Clicking on the “Run Query Analysis” feature in DPA can also provide even more actionable advice and supplement DPA’s tuning advisors and scripts.

Leverage MySQL tuning tools offering the right metrics and parameters

To master MySQL query optimization and tuning, you need a comprehensive performance tuning tool. Many tuning tools on the market only focus on health metrics and don’t offer the right parameters or insight necessary to really help you drill down on root causes. DPA is designed to be a comprehensive MySQL tuning tool with health data, wait-time analysis, and over a thousand other database performance metrics. With one tool, you can manage multiple databases and immediately dive into tuning.

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MySQL performance tuning improves database efficiency

Database Performance Analyzer

  • Focus on response time to identify bottlenecks and understand the cause of database slowdowns.
  • Gain at-a-glance insight into real-time and historical database information.
  • Use machine learning anomaly detection to know when performance is different than expected.
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