MySQL Query Performance Analyzer and Optimization in One Tool

Gain a unified view with a MySQL query optimization tool

Facilitate better collaboration with an easy-to-use MySQL query analyzer

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is a powerful MySQL query analyzer built to offer a unified view into query performance. High levels of visibility can help remove communication barriers between database administrators, developers, and engineers to facilitate collaboration. 

With DPA, developers get read-only access to query performance on production and staging servers. Intuitive graphs can be easily shared between IT team members—this MySQL query optimization tool prioritizes teamwork. 

Leverage a MySQL query performance analyzer with response-time insights into performance problems

Database Performance Analyzer features response-time analysis capabilities to identify inefficient SQL statements based on how long it takes an application to respond to a query. DPA’s anomaly detection algorithm defines what “normal” performance is based on historical data and identifies unexpected shifts in wait time, which helps you troubleshoot. This MySQL query analyzer helps database analysts align query response times with storage, VM resources, the physical host, and the network.

Unlock faster troubleshooting with a MySQL query analyzer that provides clear, actionable advice

Without the right MySQL query optimization tool, it can be challenging to isolate performance issues. Database Performance Analyzer collates historical and current data points and represents them using bar graphs—you can click on any alarm to find more detailed information about an issue. The built-in Table Tuning Advisor feature can also cross-reference your tables against a set of MySQL query analysis best practices to find issues in need of immediate attention and provide you with clear, actionable advice. 

Use a MySQL query analyzer to prioritize metrics specific to MySQL

Database Performance Analyzer MySQL query optimization tool features dozens of metrics tailor-made for MySQL query analysis. DPA is built to collect, analyze, and generate performance insights, so you can more easily isolate the factors like memory and network issues to help inform your database analysis. 

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Master performance with a powerful MySQL query analyzer

Database Performance Analyzer for MySQL

  • Leverage a MySQL query optimization tool focused on response time to identify bottlenecks.
  • Gain a single version of the truth across databases.
  • Use integrated MySQL query analysis best practices powered by machine learning to highlight anomalies.
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