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Automate your network map creation with network scan and auto-discovery
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Automate network diagram drawing with a network diagram creator

Manual network drawing can be a long and labor-intensive process, as you have to constantly update network diagrams to ensure they remain usable as new devices are added or removed. With SolarWinds® Network Topology Mapper (NTM), the network diagram drawing process is automated. You can easily discover the devices on your network and their connections. NTM can then automatically draw network diagrams, and you can modify them as much as you want to make sure your network drawings have the level of detail you need, including nodes, connections, and custom visual elements.

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Create multiple network diagrams from a single scan

When you’re trying to draw network diagrams, it’s common to want various diagrams representing different relationships between the devices on your network. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper makes it easier to create multiple diagrams. A single NTM network discovery scan allows you to make multiple network maps with detailed information about the discovered devices. Since NTM uses industry-standard methods for network discovery—including ICMP, SNMP v1-v3, CDP, WMI, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, and more—the tool can give you a fuller image of your network through its scans.

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Increase efficiency with an automated network diagram builder

No matter the size of your network, keeping track of your devices can be challenging. If you want to manually create network diagrams, you typically need to devote a huge amount of time and energy to keeping those network maps up-to-date as new devices are added and old ones are removed, constantly reshuffling the connections between the devices on the network.

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper helps eliminate these challenges by automatically discovering changes to your network devices and updating your network diagrams accordingly.

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Dig deeper into network layers with automated network drawing

With a powerful automated network map generator like SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper, you can dig deeper into your network by discovering and mapping multiple device layers. Since NTM supports a variety of discovery methods, the tool can produce integrated OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 network diagrams for a more detailed and comprehensive visual overview. With these added layers, you can get unparalleled visibility into your network devices, which can help you troubleshoot more effectively when issues arise.

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Improve network map drawing with a network diagram creator

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