Network Inventory Management

Keep track of devices and improve network performance
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Automatically create a complete network inventory to increase visibility

When it comes to effective IT network inventory management, it’s important to have a list of easily accessible, up-to-date network devices. While it was once possible to create an inventory manually, modern networks are simply too large and ever-changing to make that feasible.

With SolarWinds® Network Topology Mapper (NTM), creating a network inventory of your devices, servers, virtualization hosts, and more is easier. The tool includes a built-in auto discovery feature to automatically locate your network assets and create an up-to-date record of your network, with key details for each device.

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Detect changes to your network inventory with an inventory management tool

Creating a network inventory isn’t a one-time challenge. Your inventory is only useful if it’s a reliable resource you can turn to whenever you need to check the status of an asset. You need a network inventory management solution that can detect changes to your inventory when they happen, so your records are always up to date.

Network Topology Mapper is built to scan your network regularly and automatically detects changes, such as added or removed assets. NTM can help detect changes you make to your network topology, so you can be confident in your network inventory accuracy.

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Get a full view of your network inventory by creating multiple network maps from a single scan

In addition to creating a complete network device inventory, when you perform network inventory management with Network Topology Mapper, you also get the benefit of a powerful mapping tool built to automatically build multiple maps from a single network scan.

NTM uses various discovery methods, including ICMP, SNMP, WMI, CDP, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and more, to perform multi-level network discovery. Discovery in NTM can create an integrated OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 network map that includes detailed device information. Those extra layers can help you dig deeper into your network, which leads to faster, more effective troubleshooting if issues arise.

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Generate and export network inventory reports

When it comes to creating a high-quality network inventory, you want to ensure everyone on your team can access your inventory details in a clear format whenever needed. Network Topology Mapper comes with robust reporting tools to make it easier to keep track of your inventory and network information.

With NTM, you can also automate reports and export your network maps, so you can have full visibility into your network devices when you need it.

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