Network Topology, Architecture, and Segmentation Diagram

Automate network topology diagram creation

Automate your network topology diagram creation with the help of automatic discovery

Automatic network mapping is a much faster and easier process than the manual alternative. SolarWinds® Network Topology Mapper (NTM) is designed to automate the mapping process through automatic discovery and consistent network scanning, so you can get complete, up-to-date network infrastructure diagrams right at your fingertips. NTM is also built to let you customize as much or as little of the diagram as you want, so you get a diagram suited to your needs.

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Create network segmentation diagrams to get a closer look at your network

Network segmentation diagrams are topology diagrams depicting a segment of your network separate from the rest of your network, such as through a switch, router, hub, bridge, or repeater. Each segment can host a variety of devices. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper can automatically create network segmentation diagrams in addition to standard network topology diagrams to help give you fuller network visibility.

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Easily display network topology diagrams with out-of-the-box layouts

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper comes with different network topology diagram layouts right out of the box, so you can establish the right layout for your needs faster. As the auto-discovery feature continues to detect new network devices after the initial scan, the tool will also continue to update your layout to make sure it reflects your devices and current network. With NTM, you can see side-by-side performance metrics for devices within the diagram.

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Automatically create detailed network topology diagrams

Network Topology Mapper

  • Conduct automatic network scans to discover devices and create a detailed network topology diagram.
  • Use your choice of out-of-the-box layouts to display your network topology diagram.
  • Help maintain security with automated device discovery.

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