Network Topology

Easily create an automated, dynamic network layout map

Display your network topology easily with out-of-the-box layouts

With SolarWinds® Network Topology Mapper (NTM), displaying your network topology is easy. With several out-of-the-box layouts, NTM offers a flexible solution to your device mapping process, without the need for manual effort. Preconfigured layouts help you establish the right layout quickly. As auto-discovery continues to detect new devices and discover network topology more accurately, NTM can update your layout and show side-by-side performance metrics.

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Choose from among multiple types of network topology diagrams for custom visualization

Topology maps can be divided into three general types: physical maps, logical maps, and functional maps. Each type of topology diagram offers unique benefits for network performance monitoring. Using the right visualization for network configuration can help you to monitor more efficiently, identify changes faster, and view your network in a way that makes the most sense.

For many types of visualization, NTM offers multi-layer visibility for an integrated insight into OSI layers 2 and 3, so you can leverage a complete image of your network layout.

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Automate your network topology mapping with automatic discovery and diagramming

An efficient network topology diagramming software will automate as much of your mapping as possible. Network Topology Mapper allows you to establish a topology map, using auto-discovery and consistent network scanning features to help ensure the map accommodates new devices. For LAN and WAN networks, NTM offers a variety of discovery approaches including SNMP (v1-v3), ICMP, VMware WMI, and more. Although NTM uses automated discovery tools, you can manually adjust nodes and connections as you see fit.

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Scan your network at regular intervals to maintain an updated topology map

Once you’ve discovered devices and established your network topology diagram, NTM uses automated scanning to continually update your network map. You can easily customize the schedule for how NTM scans your network. Don’t worry about missing changes—NTM is built to instantly detect when changes occur to your configuration or when unknown devices enter your network. With each scan, you can automatically collect metrics and ID new devices.

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Create detailed network topology reports to comply with industry audits

IT network topology mapping is an important feature of a network security plan, but it can also be a compliance requirement. Multiple regulatory agencies require your network to establish and maintain a detailed network topology map to protect against unknown devices and potential security breaches.

To make your audit as smooth as possible, SolarWinds NTM allows you to generate topology reports designed to help you demonstrate compliance with a variety of industry standards, including HIPAA, SOX, PC DSSI, and FIPS 140-2.

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Automatic discovery and mapping for efficient and versatile network topology

Network Topology Mapper

  • Scan your network and discover new devices without manual configuration.
  • Display network topology diagrams with your choice of out-of-the-box layouts and customization options.
  • Export maps to Microsoft Visio and other user-friendly formats.

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