Oracle Database Performance Monitoring Tools

Improve performance and prevent database slowdowns

Monitor Oracle databases around the clock

One of the biggest reasons to invest in performance monitoring tools for your Oracle database is to get the 24/7 monitoring essential to maintaining database performance—without having to spend your time manually monitoring the database. SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) offers round-the-clock Oracle database performance monitoring, historic monitoring, and analysis to help you stay on top of performance and better understand why it may be suffering. The tool can also give you a sense of where your database performance is headed with the help of collected Oracle system trends.

Detect anomalies with the aid of machine learning

Determining the root cause of Oracle database performance issues depends on effectively detecting anomalies in databases. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer uses machine learning to support its anomaly detection. Its ability to detect deviations from normal behavior strengthens over time, so you can detect and remediate problems impacting Oracle database performance.

DPA also comes with powerful response time analytics capabilities designed to correlate various dimensions, including SQL statements, activity, and wait times, to help you more easily identify the exact cause of performance slowdowns, so you’re better equipped for targeted remediation efforts.

Get actionable insights to help resolve issues when they arise

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is designed to go beyond simply collecting the metrics you need to better understand your Oracle database performance. DPA can also give you the actionable insights you need to resolve issues when they arise—no matter how small they may seem, which can translate directly into faster problem resolution and better database performance.

Stay on top of database performance with robust alerting and reporting

Oracle database performance monitoring tools can play an important role in maintaining healthy databases by helping you quickly make sense of crucial performance data. Database Performance Analyzer is built to offer customizable alerting and reporting to help you quickly understand whenever a metric crosses or reaches a critical threshold requiring your attention. With DPA, it’s easier to keep track of what’s happening in every session and every second on your database.

See data from a distance with an intuitive interface

When it comes to making sense of your Oracle database data, it’s important to visualize both individual data points and how those data points interact with other metrics to get a fuller picture of your database performance. Database Performance Analyzer comes with a comprehensive, intuitive interface to make it easier to see your data at a high level or to dive into key metrics as needed.

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Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle

  • Monitor database performance metrics 24/7
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  • Use anomaly detection powered by machine learning
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