Powerful Management Console

The Serv-U FTP Server management console provides intuitive and powerful user administration

Complex administration

File security involves much more than just encryption. With SolarWinds® Serv-U® FTP Server, administrators can leverage an intuitive yet powerful management console to customize FTP server settings to meet specific business requirements and keep full control over file sharing within the organization.

Add end users with ease

With an intuitive browser-based management console, administrators can easily create new users. Based on organization needs, users can be created on the domain or global level to allow access to a specific domain or whole server. To make the user creation process as convenient as possible, admins can choose to add users manually, through a wizard, or even create their own templates for new user accounts.

Implement effective user group management

To make user administration effective, Serv-U FTP Server allows you to create user groups. Groups provide an easy method of sharing common configuration options with multiple user accounts and make user administration a breeze. Administrators can define group-specific user rights, permissions, directory access, and logging options or set up file transfer limits to avoid bandwidth throttling and storage consumption risks. Like user administration, groups can be created on the domain or global level.

Have full visibility with customizable logging options

The ability to log activities related to file transfers within an organization is an essential requirement for almost all compliance frameworks, such as PCI. Serv-U FTP Server offers extensive settings for logging customization of user or group events and activities.

With Serv-U FTP Server, administrators can define what information they want to be logged based on specific requirements of the business. With the ability to automatically rotate log files, Serv-U FTP Server provides an automatic way to archive activity for audits. To further improve security, logs from Serv-U FTP server can be integrated into a security information and event management (SIEM) solution such as SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM).

Automate file management

File sharing requires control. With Serv-U FTP Server, administrators can leverage rules to automate and improve the security of file management. Serv-U FTP Server allows administrators to automatically move or delete files after transfer or during a specified time period. You can configure file management rules on a server level accessible to all users of the file server or on a domain level accessible only to users belonging to the domain.

Complex administration from the intuitive Serv-U FTP Management Console

Serv-U File Transfer Protocol Server

  • Add users with ease through an intuitive wizard
  • Share common configuration options with multiple user accounts through user groups
  • Automatically move or delete files after transfer or during a specified time period

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Supports unlimited concurrent sessions

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