Amazon Web Services (AWS) RDS Monitoring Tool

Use robust RDS monitoring tools to track performance

Monitor your databases from a unified view

Optimize your workflow with the unified dashboard in SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), a platform designed to help with RDS monitoring for your cloud databases.

Amazon RDS offers many databases to choose from when extending or moving infrastructure to the cloud, and you don't want to lose performance visibility. Moving databases to the cloud as a service means many of the traditional tasks of a DBA are no longer necessary. However, DBAs will still need to focus on monitoring performance, no matter where the database lives.

Use powerful Amazon RDS monitoring tools to track performance

Amazon RDS monitoring offers DBAs access to a wide variety of back-end solutions, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and Aurora. With SolarWinds DPA, you can view the performance of your databases from a single pane of glass for easier administration. You can also leverage consistent navigation regardless of the database type. This can help you find performance issues (like bottlenecks) causing productivity to suffer, allowing you to find and resolve them quicker.

Leverage forward-thinking, collaborative monitoring

Aurora is currently Amazon's fastest-growing RDS database. As more and more companies start to use this offering, more DBAs will need access to flexible, proactive AWS RDS monitoring tools.

DPA is the first product ready to support Aurora or any other database platform you choose. Don't settle for just monitoring on-premises databases—make sure you have visibility into your cloud database infrastructure.

Deploy monitoring tools in the AWS cloud

You can begin managing RDS or EC2 monitoring for your SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, or SAP ASE (Sybase) instances typically within minutes. Since Database Performance Analyzer is agentless and requires no client software, all configuration and monitoring is done through the web browser interface after you deploy the AMI. Just point your favorite browser at the server name or IP address of the DPA server and start registering instances to monitor.

DPA also allows for flexible implementation, so if you’d rather use perpetual licensing, you can. You can also BYOL (bring your own license) for your Amazon DPA image or on-premises DPA installation by emailing to get started.

The tool also includes Database Performance Analyzer Central, which is designed to aggregate data from on-premises and cloud installations into a single dashboard and provides the flexibility to monitor an unlimited number of instances.

Ensure around-the-clock AWS RDS monitoring with SolarWinds integrations

DPA is built for granular, to-the-second performance monitoring, providing DBAs with real-time data and historical analysis for AWS instances. It includes blocking and deadlock analysis for SQL blocking hierarchies, which can have a significant effect on throughput and SQL Server responsiveness. In addition, the Amazon RDS monitoring metrics provided by DPA can help you more effectively optimize database performance and prevent overprovisioning.

With the ability to integrate DPA monitoring insights alongside other SolarWinds products using the SolarWinds Orion® Platform, you can use features like PerfStack to correlate metrics and AppStack to provide end-to-end visibility across your AWS RDS, Aurora, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle instances to more easily identify the cause of complex performance issues and quickly resolve them.

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"We are using DPA with the Cloud and it is working flawlessly. DPA is unique in the market. I have never seen a product that is as powerful and yet as agnostic across all major relational databases."

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