Simple large file sharing

Transfer large documents, sheets, scans, zip files, videos, applications, graphics, and more with Serv-U® FTP Server.

Easy access to the data anywhere, anytime

SolarWinds Serv-U® FTP Server is designed to be an easy-to-use software that simplifies sizable file transfers and offers anytime, anywhere access to upload and download files. Serv-U can go beyond simply letting you transfer large files between computers by connecting to other devices including support of file transfers from Apple and Android mobile devices.

Quickly transfer multiple files simultaneously and access data from anywhere through the web interface. Data is being sent by FTPS and using multiple ports. Configuration is simple and it also typically takes few minutes, not several hours.

Intuitive FTP server for admins and end-users

Often you need to transfer large files—much larger than what you can include in a standard email attachment. Moreover, even with SSL, it’s not the best practice to share sensitive data as an e-mail attachment.

Serv-U FTP Server avoids the administrative hassle for end users and simplifies the transmission process. Admins set permissions, passwords, and notifications in an easy-to-use management console. End-users use the intuitive web client for file transfer from PC or mobile devices, and files can stay there long after they’re uploaded.

Full control over file transfer

You can deploy and configure Serv-U FTP Server in your data center and network, which means you can have more control of your file transfer data and storage. Your IT teams can also view file transfer operations across the network, helping eliminate the need for employees to use FTP freeware and cloud-based file transfer and storage tools that could open your organization up to security risks. Serv-U FTP Server is also built to provide security for data in transit by allowing you to use FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS).

Centralized and effective file sharing

SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server centralizes your file transfer operations and provides an intuitive FTP client to let users transfer files quickly and easily. The Serv-U FTP Server includes a browser-based FTP Client for effective large file transfer. This built-in Serv-u FTP Web client lets you easily upload and download files from the FTP server.

File transfer made simple

Serv-U FTP server is built to be easy to use and maximize the user experience. Anyone, no matter their level of technical expertise, can transfer big files using a straightforward user interface. Essential functionality is preserving the whole folder structure. If the users have already selected files in a particular folder, they can simply drag and drop them. This functionality is a great savior of time.

Transferring large files within the organization can be easier

Serv-U File Transfer Protocol Server

  • Intuitive Serv-U FTP Web Client for PC and mobile devices
  • Centralized and effective
  • Simple and quick administration

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Supports unlimited concurrent sessions

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