Database Maintenance Tool for SQL, MySQL, and Other Popular Databases

Perform effective SQL-based database maintenance to improve performance

Optimize SQL query performance with a database maintenance solution

One of the most important elements of effective SQL Server and MySQL database maintenance is SQL query tuning. This process involves taking steps to improve the speed and efficiency of SQL queries to help ensure they don’t cause bottlenecks or slowdowns.

With SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), you can get help optimizing and tuning SQL queries before bigger issues arise. DPA is designed to help you investigate and identify inefficient queries that could lead to higher I/O, longer wait times, blocking, or resource contention—all of which can interfere with database performance and, in turn, the end-user experience. DPA can let you view query details, including time ran, execution stats, and relevant metrics, you can use to tune your queries and improve overall performance. DPA also makes it easier to label specific SQL statements and exclude long-running SQL statements, as needed.

Leverage response time analysis to identify anomalies and improve performance

Use the wait time analysis feature in SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer to enhance your database optimization. DPA can pull each instance once per second to determine active session performance and alert you to any delays. When a SQL statement wait time increases significantly, you can quickly drill down to find root causes and begin a targeted troubleshooting session.

With DPA, you can also improve SQL and MySQL database maintenance results by correlating query execution delay with end-user impact. Additionally, the tool’s database anomaly detection algorithm is built to alert you to unexpected wait time increases as compared to normal historical data. A trend chart can also help you more easily view changes over time.


Gain insight into performance changes with a clear, unified dashboard

You can use DPA’s straightforward dashboard to help maintain Windows-specific SQL Server and open-source MySQL, Oracle, DB2, and SAP ASE. This database maintenance software is built to pair easy-to-read bar charts and color-coded graphical displays with in-depth diagnostics, custom alerts, and robust reporting. You can also use the dashboard sharing features to explore query tuning impacts with others in the organization. With the DPA database maintenance tool, your whole team can analyze performance changes across on-premises, virtualized, and cloud environments and leverage the agentless architecture for safe SQL dev, testing, and production.

Get actionable advice for query tuning and index improvement

The faster you can tune a problematic query or index, the more you reduce the chances of serious fallout from the issue. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is designed to offer helpful insights based on data analysis you can use to guide your tuning and remediation efforts.

With pinpointed insights, DPA can help you formulate a database maintenance plan to help prevent performance issues. This SQL database maintenance software is built to leverage historical trends and current data to generate SQL Server tuning advice. DPA also runs table tuning analysis at the end of each day and can display table info, inefficient queries, and indexes, so you can more easily catch both minor and widespread performance issues to better prioritize those in need of immediate attention. You can also view problem query details and more easily determine if you should tune the query, add an index or columns, address fragmentation, and more.

Automate elements of the database maintenance process

With SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer, you gain 24/7 monitoring without a 24/7 workload. You can streamline basic database administration tasks and scalability with DPA REST API, saving you time and leaving you free to focus your efforts on the tasks that demand your input. With DPA, you can also set Python or PowerShell scripts to automate key database maintenance tasks.

You can also create alerts to monitor SQL statement execution time and to automatically flag significant changes. DPA is designed to help database admins stay ahead of performance issues, with automatic anomaly detection within database operations based on an artificial intelligence algorithm.

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