SQL Server Indexation—Check, Report, and Fix Index Fragmentation

Avoid SQL Server index fragmentation for better performance

Understand what’s causing slowdowns and when SQL Server index fragmentation is at fault

No matter what’s causing slowdowns in SQL Server or another database, it’s important for you to get to the bottom of the problem fast, so it doesn’t affect the user experience.

The Response Time Analysis (RTA) feature in SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is designed to help you more easily identify the internal and external server fragmentation causing slow queries, locate blocking, and pinpoint the root causes of bottlenecks. You can work with real-time and historic monitoring data to set a baseline for performance. RTA is built to measure database performance from end-user query through response, empowering DBAs to select defrag strategies based on end-user impact.

Tune database performance with index optimization in SQL Server

Effective database performance tuning often relies on having precise database insights to determine actual root causes. With the SQL performance analyzer in DPA, DBAs can check SQL index fragmentation on the server and get pinpointed advice about wait times, SQL statements, and the actual workload—across the past five seconds or five years—they can then use to tune indexes and queries.

DPA is also designed to help identify high-impact and inefficient T-SQL to help you prioritize crucial action items. These insights can help DBAs go beyond resource utilization and hardware add-ons to more effectively tune SQL Server performance for speed.

Customize automatic alerts to stay in the know about SQL Server index fragmentation

When you use SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer to track SQL Server index fragmentation, you can benefit from the solution’s robust alerting capabilities, including the machine learning tool designed to immediately notify DBAs of anomalies or performance degradation. The MSSQL Always On Availability Group environment can also alert you of status or health changes by allowing you to monitor index issues 24/7 via email or an SNMP trap, with the ability to communicate SQL Server status to outside parties. You can use default alert thresholds to catch 30% fragmentation and critical-level 50% fragmentation or easily set custom alerts.

View clear dashboards and SQL Server fragmentation reports to drill down into problems with ease

When it comes to addressing SQL Server index fragmentation and performance tuning, visibility is critical. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer makes it easier to check the fragmentation of SQL Server through an intuitive dashboard offering a unified view also shareable across stakeholders. The system can help you quickly see the correlation between response time and system resources.

DPA also offers SQL index fragmentation report capabilities, allowing DBAs to customize reports, view deadlock resolutions, and proactively address capacity constraints and slowdowns caused by fragmentation.

Access actionable table-tuning advice for index optimization in SQL Server

SolarWinds DPA is built to do more than simply alert you to problems with SQL index fragmentation. The solution includes tuning advisors capable of offering actionable advice to help you resolve and check SQL Server index fragmentation, SQL Server query issues, and more. Inefficient queries can cause higher I/O, longer wait times, and more blocking, so the advice on workload and fragmentation in DPA is designed to help you implement the right tuning or fixes. The Table Tuning Advisor page displays daily analyses and scores for the most inefficient queries, so you can take more informed actions. This expert advice is applicable to many major commercial databases, including Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, and SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE).

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Address SQL Server index fragmentation more easily

Database Performance Analyzer

  • Gain insights into SQL Server index fragmentation issues, so you can begin resolving them before they affect end users.
  • Monitor database performance and receive customizable alerts for more proactive, informed tuning.
  • Access advice and prioritized action items for addressing SQL Server index fragmentation issues.
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