SQL Server Query Performance Analyzer Tool

Trace, analyze, and improve SQL Server queries and indexes

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Use a SQL analyzer to tune and improve performance

Tuning SQL can help accelerate overall database performance. However, effective database tuning can require understanding the top SQL statements, top wait types, SQL plans, blocked queries, resource contention, and the effect of missing indexes.

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is a SQL query analyzer tool designed to provide you with the fastest way to analyze SQL statements, and identify and resolve performance problems.

Inform query analysis with 24/7 SQL performance monitoring

SolarWinds DPA SQL analyzer tool is designed to consolidate performance data into a unified view, so you can more easily isolate the root cause of a slow query in about three to four clicks.

With DPA, you gain round-the-clock monitoring of SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and SAP ASE running on physical servers, and VMware with less than a one percent load.

Align resource provisioning with database performance

DPA helps align resource provisioning with database performance, giving users the information they need to be more prescriptive about hardware recommendations by helping to identify how resource provisioning may be affecting database response times. SolarWinds DPA can also give developers a unique perspective on the VMware infrastructure and its impact on database performance.

Get clear, actionable advice from a SQL query performance analyzer

DPA is designed to create a rich historical record of performance activity by collating data points from five years ago to five seconds ago, presenting the performance over time in easy-to-understand bar charts, and including alarm functionalities to provide detailed data about an issue.

The Table Tuning Advisor built into DPA SQL query performance analyzer can also help point developers toward problems needing immediate attention and provide clear, actionable advice.

View performance details for queries running in production using a SQL database analyzer

Accessing query performance on production servers can help improve SQL performance because it can help you incorporate application performance insights into development cycles.

DPA’s SQL Server query analyzer is designed to monitor development, test, and production servers with less than a one percent load. Within the DPA dashboard, developers can drill down into production databases to better understand how code is performing.

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Improve performance with a SQL Server query analyzer

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server

  • Focus on response time to identify bottlenecks and better understand the cause of slowdowns
  • Gain a single source of the truth across databases and infrastructure
  • Use machine learning anomaly detection to know when performance is different than expected
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