SQL Server Activity Monitoring

Track changes and accelerate performance with SQL Server monitoring

Track changes from a customizable dashboard

Database Performance Analyzer’s Current View gives you details about current issues, providing developers and DBAs immediate feedback on the effect of changes. All of this information is available from Database Performance Analyzer’s intuitive dashboard, giving you a unified view of your data center operations. Gathering information, establishing baselines, and maintaining history are all critical to maintaining high database performance. Database Performance Analyzer helps you gather information to establish trends over time that show how changes impact performance.

Identify bottlenecks within four clicks

Database Performance Analyzer enables you to identify specific wait types and events causing bottlenecks within three to four mouse clicks. Historical business intelligence is Database Performance Analyzer excels at using historical data to identify opportunities for improvements. From five years ago to five seconds ago, Database Performance Analyzer stores and provides a wide range of historical data to help you find and resolve performance problems. With resource metrics baselines, quickly identify the server and storage resource’s contribution to poor database performance.

Create customizable reports and robust alerts

Database Performance Analyzer offers proactive monitoring, automated reports and alerts to help you focus on improving response time while immediately notifying users when performance degradation occurs. Database Performance Analyzer has an extensive set of built-in reports and alerts that:

  • Provide responds that allow users to communicate your SQL Server status to people without direct access to Database Performance Analyzer
  • Help streamline record keeping and compliance
  • Deliver alerts 24/7 and notifications via email or an SNMP trap
  • Let you create custom alerts based on any SQL query
"With our current environment this product is invaluable to my team for problem resolution. We could not do our jobs as efficiently, nor could we solve problems as quickly, without this product."

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Comprehensive SQL Server activity monitor

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server

  • Easy drill in, context setting, and consistent navigation
  • See what’s being blocked AND what’s doing the blocking—plus, detailed deadlock analysis
  • Identify your best index, query, and table tuning opportunities
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