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Use Response Time Analysis for SQL performance tuning

Response Time Analysis enables database administrators (DBAs) to measure time spent on query execution and, therefore, the impact on end-users.

The Response Time Analysis feature in SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is built to help you identify bottlenecks, pinpoint their root causes, and prioritize your actions based on the impact poor SQL Server performance tuning has on end users, so you can deliver noticeable performance improvements.

Gain critical insights with Response Time Analysis

Response Time Analysis does for DBAs what Application Performance Management (APM) does for IT—it identifies and measures an end-to-end process, starting with a query request from the end user and ending with a query response, including the time spent at each discrete step in between.

Response Time Analysis measures time for every wait type for each query, which lets you compare this data across queries. With an in-context view, you can prioritize efforts affecting the end user the most.

Leverage SQL tuning tools with Response Time Analysis

At the core of Response Time Analysis is the wait event or wait type, which refers to when a server process or thread must wait for an event to complete or resources to become available before being able to continue processing the query. Examples of this include moving data to a buffer, writing to disk, waiting on a lock, or writing a log file.

Typically, hundreds of wait types must be passed between a query request and response. If a query waits on a specific wait type more than usual, how can you find out? How do you know what’s “normal?” How can you find out why it’s waiting? And how do you fix it? That’s where Response Time Analysis comes in. SolarWinds DPA is built to establish wait time baselines and offer information on causes and potential fixes for high wait times.

Perform SQL Server performance tuning with ease

Leverage real-time metrics—like queries, waits, and users—for effective SQL Server database performance tuning. SQL Server tuning advisors can direct you to end-user performance issues in urgent need of attention and help you identify opportunities across databases for more efficient SQL indexing.

DPA’s built-in analysis tools are designed to walk you through performance tuning steps, from measuring current server speed, performing in-depth query, index, and setting tuning, to tracking results.

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