Virtualization Database Performance Monitoring for VMware vSphere

Correlate database to virtual machine (VM) performance

More easily identify databases running in virtual machines and correlate database to VM performance

Quickly find and filter on database instances running in virtual machines with SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA). Use DPA to correlate database response time with underlining guest OS and infrastructure by mapping performance issues to key virtual machine metrics to determine the impact of VM performance on the database.

You can also see a high-level dashboard with overall wait time performance status alongside overall CPU, memory, disk, and network performance, with the ability to drill into alarms to pinpoint when and where hypervisor performance resides. With agentless setup and implementation, DPA can typically have you collecting and monitoring VMware vSphere VM and host performance data in minutes.

Visualize each compute layer

Get real-time and historical mapping of queries, instance, VM, and physical host metrics by time-slice to more easily correlate virtualization database performance and pinpoint issues. You can also view database metrics alongside VMware performance and events, such as vMotion and VM power on and off, to see the potential impact of hypervisor host and other VMs on database performance.

See VM and host configuration

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer VM option can provide DBAs and system administrators with additional insights into the configuration of the virtual machine, hypervisor host, additional host VMs, VM storage, and host storage. Get detailed configuration information, such as hypervisor software version, hardware make and model, CPU and memory type, and more.

Database VM health summary

DPA is built to provide a complete VM and database health dashboards spanning database metrics and additional VM-specific metrics like Co-Stop, CPU Ready, and Memory Ballooning. You can also gain insights into backup information and database connection information, such as the number of sessions, connected users, connected devices, and more.

Take control of virtual database performance

Database Performance Analyzer

  • Easy drill in, context setting, and consistent navigation
  • See what’s being blocked AND what’s doing the blocking
  • The right data to optimize your database, indexes, and queries
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