Streamline Client File Transfers for an Intuitive Web FTP Client

Optimize your customer experience with an automated approach to FTP web client services

Transfer large files (>3GB), delete multiple files, and maintain folder trees by using the Web Client Pro plug-in

Straightforward Serv-u web-based FTP client is compatible with every major web browser and allows you to upload, download or delete files easily. Use drag&drop functionality to upload multiple files or download them as a .ZIP file. With high-volume file transfer capabilities, the Serv-u web client can provide a flexible solution for end users who need to communicate data in its original configuration.

Automate your FTP client web interface for an intuitive end-user experience

Understanding end-user experience is key for FTP client web interface ease of use. SolarWinds Serv-U offers an automated and intuitive FTP web client interface, so end users can more easily implement a file transfer no matter their experience level.

From your centralized client FTP console, users can easily upload, download, request, and manage file transfers as needed. End users can also keep folder trees and file tree structures intact, delete multiple files at once, and pause or resume transfers as needed. They can also drag and drop from Windows Explorer or other file managers.

Help ensure high security for file transfers and comply with multi-industry security audits

Security is crucial to any comprehensive FTP file sharing process. With multi-industry security protocols and encryption such as FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS), SFTP (FTP over SSH2), HTTP, and HTTPS (HTTP over SSL), this FTP tool is built to help ensure your files are delivered securely over IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Serv-U is also built to comply with numerous security frameworks, allowing businesses to implement easy file sharing without worrying about compliance regulations. Additionally, Serv-U includes the ability to require confirmation before overwriting to help ensure you don’t lose key information.

Sync your permissions with existing access credentials in a user-friendly setup process

A successful FTP web client needs to remain functional and secure, but it should also operate as efficiently as possible. With automated credentials sync, you can choose to either use existing Active Directory access credentials for the FTP interface or establish new FTP credentials. This can help you save time and configure your web FTP client tool to meet your needs.

Access file transfer capabilities from mobile devices for a more convenient experience

Serv-U Web Client allows users to access file transfer web interfaces from their mobile devices, so file sharing can happen from anywhere at any time. With this web client interface, end users can view file transfers, transfer multiple files at the same time, and manage drag-and-drop files from the Serv-U server—all from their handheld mobile devices.

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FTP web client automation to streamline the customer experience

Serv-U File Transfer Protocol Server

  • Get enhanced security protocols for safe and trustworthy FTP client file transfers
  • Use an intuitive FTP client control center with an automated interface for user-friendly transfers
  • Enjoy mobile FTP client access with drag-and-drop file transfer capabilities

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